If you wish to download and torture use my sim in your story, challenge, or legacy please be my guest.  If you choose to do so, please leave me a comment letting me know.  Also if you will be publishing the story involving me I would love to read it so leave me a link.

Sims 4 2021 Version

The newest version is on the Gallery and can be found under the #boolpropnet hashtag.

Sims 4 2014 Version

My simself can be found on the Sims 4 Gallery under the #boolprop hashtag.


Sims 3 2010 Version

Click here to download my 2010 Sim Self

Sims 3 2009 Version

Click here to download my 2009 Sim Self

Sims 2 2008 Version

Thanks to Reggie at Boolprop Forums for making Sim Teresa
Click here to download my 2008 Sim Self

  • Stats
  • Zodiac: Leo
  • Aspiration: Knowledge and/or Family
  • Turn Ons: Red hair and Fitness
  • Turn Offs: Fatness