My Games

The Sims Franchise

I have been playing the Sims since August ’05. I was on vacation for a week and was bored.  I remember my sister mentioning this game called The Sims so I asked if I could borrow her copy. I was hooked the first time I played and bought the expansions she was missing.  She had already moved on to Sims 2 at this point and it only took me a few weeks to decide to try Sims 2 myself.  Once again I loved it and soon had all the expansions.  When Sims 3 was announced I was thrilled.  The one thing I didn’t like about Sims up to this point was the static nature of the inactive households.  With the new version that would no longer be a problem and I could happily ignore the other households because they would live their lives without me.  Now I spend my time playing the different challenges and participating in various competitions.  I even tried Sims 2 Stories (Life Stories, Pet Stories, Castaway) and Sims Medieval.  Those particular titles felt a little constricting so I didn’t play them for long.  With the release of Sims 4, I really enjoy the emotional aspect, but find myself still playing Sims 3 and trying to finally complete my DITFT (15-generation Differences in the Family Tree) challenge.

Update Jan 2016: With the end of 2015, I finally completed all 15 generations of my DITFT.  Moving permanently to Sims 4, I have never looked back.

Lord of the Rings Online

When not playing Sims I can generally be found in the worlds of Middle Earth. I have been playing Lord of the Rings Online since August 07 when during a break from Sims I was looking for another game.  One of the simmers I followed regularly had been playing this game and so I gave it a shot.  I really enjoy the storyline and have made a few friends along the way.  My favorite aspect of the game is the exploration of Middle Earth.

I can be found on the Arkenstone server playing my Elf Minstrel, Loraiel.  She is currently level 106 and has finally finished all regions, caught up on all quests, and completed almost all deeds. Well, all except anything released in the last year – it has been awhile since I have had a chance to really play.

Star Trek Online

I played this game when it first released (I bought in with a lifetime membership, so as long as the game is active, I can play). Currently, I have a Betazoid Science officer at level 60.  Her name is Mari – but it has been awhile since I have played. I have a tendency to get caught up in the dailies and not so much on the stories and missions.

Wizard 101

I played this game for awhile, long enough to get my daughter playing.  I currently have a Life wizard sitting in the low 70s and will play with my daughter on occasion. At least at one time we would play together. Real life has interfered and play time is scarce.

Civilization VI

My kids bought Civ 5 for me for Christmas 2010.  This is another game I dabble with.  I was never good playing Risk and this is a lot like that but I enjoy the challenge. When Civ 6 was released I bought it and the rest of the expansions and DLC. I don’t get to play it much these days due to real life.

When I am not in the mood for an involved play session I turn to Pogo.  My favorite games are the match-3, bingo, and lottery games along with the board games. I have had a membership since February 2008 and recently they have started to update the games to non-flash versions due to Flash and Java being phased out across the internet.