Wonder Child Challenge, Getting Started

Getting Started

Create two sims – one male and one female – Trisha and Matthew Handy

05-04-15_6-26 PM
Trisha is Cheerful, Romantic, and Family-oriented

  • Family > Domestic
  • Culinary > Chef

05-04-15_6-42 PM-2

Matthew is Active, Good, and Loves Outdoors

  • Family > Domestic
  • Athlete > Bodybuilder

05-04-15_6-42 PM

Make them Adult roommates, Normal lifespan, Move into any lot and house that is affordable

  • Bargain Bend in Willow Creek
  • Willow Creek Starter by ruthless_kk

05-04-15_6-34 PM 05-04-15_6-41 PM

Birth one child – Alisa Handy

  • Alisa chose Active as a Child
  • Childhood Aspiration is Rambunctious Scamp

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