TS3 Challenges

There are so many challenges available for Sims 3, some were originally created for Sims 2 and rewritten for Sims 3, others written specially for Sims 3.  I have tried several times to try them all and for one reason or another fail to finish or even to start.  I decided that this is going to just be a list of the rules for various challenges.  There will be several versions to choose from.  The original version linked back to the original author, along with my edited version.

The Apocalypse by Pinstar / mikitta

Immortal Dynasty by Metropolis Man

Townie DecaDynasty by Metropolis Man

Life States Dynasty by Metropolis Man

Differences in the Family Tree by TheUsernameFound

Random Legacy at Mod the Sims

Name Game Challenge by cynicalbadger

  • A Rose By Any Name (Bellerose)

Boolprop Evolution & Progress in Change (EPIC) Challenge! by StyxLady, Rhea, and mmmtoast

  • Moments in Time

Rainbow Legacy Challenge by dolly_riot and scarred_id

  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Who’s Your Daddy? by Csquared

4×4 Dynasty by Metropolis Man

  • Elements 4×4

I’m Surrounded by Idiots by simslia

  • In the Middle of Nowhere

Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge by Bitsy

Legacy by Pinstar

Alphabet Legacy a Pinstar legacy that lasts 26 generations

  • Alphabet Soup

Domination Dynasty by Metropolis Man

  • An Alien’s Guide to Sim Domination

Orphanage Project by Schipperke

  • Abandoned Orphanage



…more to come…