Sims 3 Mixology Drinks

Waylon’s Haunt

  • Big Mistake (Crazy)
  • Kneecapper (Regular)
  • Llama Head (Party)
  • Morcubus Molotov (Regular)
  • Sweet Hijinks (Energy)

The Prosper Room

  • Aristocratic Gimlet (Party)
  • Pomegranate Passion (Romantic)
  • Simoleon Sunrise (Sorrow Annihilator)
  • Simsmapolitan (Regular)
  • Starry Sea (Regular)
  • Vera’s Glass of Sass (Energy)


  • Woohoo on the Beach (Romantic)
  • Flaming Flotsam (Party)
  • Tropic Twister (Energy)
  • Barnacle Breeze (Regular)
  • Caribbey Cooler (Regular)

Plasma 501

  • Black Mood (Regular)
  • Dark Energies (Energy)
  • Deathflower Drops (Crazy)
  • Deep Despair (Regular)
  • Ectoplasmic Residue (Regular)
  • Falling Forever (Romantic)

The Brightmore

  • Band Slam (Energy)
  • Fan Fizz (Regular)
  • Pink Bunny (Regular)
  • Purple Gnome (Regular)
  • Rockin’ Roller (Party)

The Grind

  • Alien Brain (Skill Gain)
  • Glow Goo (Energy)
  • KTHXBYE (Crazy)
  • Melted Snowman (Sorrow Annihilator)
  • Neon Breeze (Party)
  • Spotlight Polish (Party)

Banzai Lounge

  • Feng Shui Fountain (Regular)
  • Kozui Kooler (Regular)
  • Kyoto My Heart (Romantic)
  • Sakura Shoji Sweetness (Party)
  • Sapphire Samurai (Regular)
  • Zen Zinger (Energy)


  • Cherry Casanova (Romantic)
  • Party Popper (Party)
  • Shillelagh (Energy)
  • Stomach Churner (Regular)
  • Tombstone Topper (Regular)

Bridgeport Sports Zone

  • Bad Cheerleader (Romantic)
  • Bad Referee (Regular)
  • Flaming Waylon (Party)
  • Hogan’s Deep Fried Juice (Energy)
  • Winning Streak (Sorrow Annihilator)


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