Sims 3 Lifetime Wishes

Alchemy Artisan – Max Alchemy skill; Use 50 elixers

Become a Creature – Robot Cross Breeder – Reach level 9 of Science career

Become a Master Thief – Reach level 10 of Criminal – Thief career

Become a Superstar Athlete – Reach level 9 of Sport career

Become an Astronaut – Reach level 10 of Army career

Blog Artist – Max Social Networking skill; Create a Five Star blog

Bottomless Nectar Cellar – Have a collection of at least 50 Nectar bottles worth §10,000

Celebrated Five – Star Chef – Reach level 10 of Culinary career

Celebrity Psychic – Reach level 10 of the Fortune Teller – Scam artist career

CEO of a Mega – Corporation – Reach level 10 of Business career

Chess Legend – Max Logic skill, Max chess skill

Deep Sea Diver – Max Diving skill; Earn 40k from diving collectables

Descendant of da Vinci – Max painting, Sculpting and inventing skill

Distinguished Director – Reach level 10 of Film – Directing career

Dynamic DNA Profiler – Reach level 10 of Law – Forensic career

Fashion Phenomenon – Reach level 10 of Stylist career

Firefighter Super Hero – Save 30 lives from fire on jobhours

Gold Digger – See the ghost of your rich widow

Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers – Max Charisma, Max Guitar skill

Grand Explorer – Claim all uncharted islands

Great Explorer – Explore 6 tombs in each country

Greener Gardens – Max Gardening skill; Use the Bloom trick on 100 plants

Heartbreaker – Be a (girl)friend of 10 different Sims

High Tech Collector – Max Advanced Technology skill; Own a hover board, dream pod, food synthesizer, holo disc, and jet pack

Hit Movie Composer – Reach level 10 of Music – Classic career

Home Design Hotshot – Earn 100 top scores in the Architectural career

Illustrious Author – Max Writing skill, Max Painting skill

International Super Spy – Reach level 10 of Law – Spy career

Jack of All Trades – Reach level 5 in four different careers

Leader of the Free World – Reach level 10 of Politics career

Leader of the Pack – Turn 5 Sims into Werewolves; Gather 40k worth of stuff while hunting in a pack

Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous – Max celebrity level, own 100.000, -

Living in the Lap of Luxury – Get a family capital of 100.000, -

Made the Most of my Time – Experience all alternate futures; Be honored with a legacy statue

Magic Makeover – Max Charisma skill; Use the Inner Beauty trick on 12 different Sims

Major Master – Earn 3 degrees

Martial Arts Master – Max Martial Arts skill and get Grand Master Rank

Master Acrobat – Reach level 10 of the Acrobat career

Master Magician – Reach level 10 of the Magician career

Master Mixologist – Max Mixology skill, own a bar

Master of Mysticism – Reach level 10 of the Fortune Teller – Mystic career

Master of the Arts – Max Painting skill, Max Guitar skill

Master Romancer – Woohoo in 5 different places with 5 different Sims

Monster Maker – Create 3 monsters

More than a Machine – Max Bot Building skill; Give a Plumbot Sentience

Mystic Healer – Use the Sunlight spell on 12 different Sims

One Sim Band – Max Guitar, Bass, Drum and Piano skill

Paranormal Profiteer – Reach level 10 of Ghosthunter career

Perfect Mind, Perfect Body – Max Logic, Max Athletics

Perfect Student – Earn a university degree with a perfect GPA

Pervasive Private Eye – Solve 35 cases

Physical Perfection – Max Martial Arts and Athletics skill

Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law – Steal §50,000 in objects from other Sims

Presenting the Perfect Private Aquarium – Get 13 different kinds of perfect fish

Private Museum – Have a relic collection of at least §20,000

Professional Author – Earn 4.000 per week on royalties

Reach Max Influence with All Social Groups – Reach max influence with all social groups

Renaissance Sim – Max 3 different skills

Resort Empire – Own a five star resort; Make 40k in resort profit

Rock Star – Reach level 10 of Music – Rock career

Ruler of Evil – Reach level 10 of Criminal – Evil career

Scientific Specialist – Max Science skill; Reach level 10 in any Scientific, Medical, or Business Career

Seaside Savior – Rescue 50 Sims as a lifeguard

Seasoned Traveler – Max Visa level for all 3 countries

Star News Anchor – Reach level 10 of Journalism career

Street Credible – Max Street Art skill; Create 7 masterpiece murals

Super Popular – Get 20 friends

Superstar Actor – Reach level 10 of Film – Acting career

Surrounded by Family – Raise 5 babies to teens

Swimming in Cash – Get a family capital of 50.000, -

The Animal Rescuer – Adopt 6 strays

The Ark Builder – Have 2: cats, dogs, horses, birds, lizards, turtles, rodents, snakes, butterflies, and beetles

The Canine Companion – Become friends with 15 dogs

The Cat Herder – Become friends with 15 cats

The Culinary Librarian – Learn all recipies

The Fairy Tale Finder – Adopt a unicorn

The Jockey – Reach level 10 of Riding skill and earn §40,000 simoleons using your horse

The Perfect Garden – Grow 8 different kinds of perfect plants

The Tinkerer – Max Tinkering skill, Max Logic

The Zoologist – Collect 20 pets in the wild

Turn the Town – Turn 5 Sims into Vampires; Drink from 20 Sims

Visionary – Max painting and photography skill

Vocal Legend – Reach level 10 of the Singer career

World Renowned Surgeon – Reach level 10 of Medical career

World – Class Gallery – Have a collection of photos of at least §25,000 and at least 10 photos from each country

Zombie Master – Use the Reanimation Ritual spell on 10 different Sims


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