Sims 3 Lifetime Rewards


Above reproach – Bad romantic reputation will be gained much slower.

Age Freeze Potion – Sim will stop aging (can still use birthday cake to go to the next age).

All Weather Champion – Max the hidden skills Snowboarding, Skating, Horseshoes and snowball/water balloon fighting

Alpha Dog – Werewolves get a ‘Terrifying Howl’, which is guaranteed to frighten. Also, Sims will always turn into a werewolf when bitten

Always on the List – Get access to any bar

Animal Expert – Your Sims’ pets live longer

Artisan Crafter – Created sculptures and inventions have a higher value

Attractive – Other Sims will like you more

Better Mixologist – Make higher quality drinks

Body Sculptor – Get object to change bodytype

Bookshop Bargainer – Cheaper books

Born to Cook – Better quality meals

Carefree – Fun raises 25% faster

Change Lifetime Wish – Can change Lifetime wish

Change of Taste – Can change Favorites (color, music, food)

Clean Slate – Removes your bad (and good) romantic reputation.

Climatron Control Unit – An object which you can use to change the weather in the neighbourhood.

Clone voucher – Get a child – aged clone of yourself.

Collection Helper – Set to a specific item (seeds,gems,etc) and check the Nhood

Competitive Eater – Never feel nauseous or stuffed in eating contest

Complimentary Entertainment – Free Theater visits

Dirt Defiant – Low personal hygiene does not bother you anymore

Discount Diner – Cheaper food

Dusty Old Lamp – Get a genie

Efficient Inventor – Less scrap needed for inventions

Engaging – The crowd likes your performance more

Entrepreneurial Mindset – Job experience rises faster

Excellent Groupie – Be more succesful when going out with a group

Extra Creative – More money for your paintings

ExtraordinAIRe – Inator – Get a positive moodlet by meditating in front of this object

Eye Candy – Sims around you get a mood boost

Fast learner – Speeds up learning

Fast Metabolism – Don’t get fat through eating

Fearless Voyager – More money and Lifetime happiness points for using your Sim through SimPort

Fertility Treatment – More chance of twins and triplets

Festival Frequenter – Earn more festival tickets and receive discounts on concession stands, face painting booths, and kissing booths

Fireproof Homestead – No more fires in your house

Flying Vacuum – Get a flying vacuum cleaner. Also increases Broom riding skill

Food Replicator – Object to prepare food instantly

Friend of the Kraken – No more Kraken attacks AND can give it orders

Future Sim – New look for your Mobile phone

Great Author – Earn more on royalties

Haggler – Pay less for items

Hardly Hungry – Hunger need decays slower

Honorary Degree – Recieve an honarary university degree.

Hotel Mogul – 50% more income from your resort

Hover bed – Recieve a hover bed in your family inventory.

Immortal – Vampires stop aging. Also, no negative moodlets during daytime

Immune To Cold – Will never freeze to death

Immune To Heat – Will never get burnt

Inappropriate but in a Good Way – Other Sims don’t mind if you are inappropriate

Inheritance – Recieve around 35.000 simoleans.

Jetsetter – Cheaper travel prices

Jock Influence – Get some extra Jock influence.

King/Queen of the Fae – Fairies can change the color/shape of their wings. Also, can summon fairy friends

Learned Relic Hunter – Found relics are higher in value

Legendary Host – Everybody at your parties have a great time

Long Distance Friend – Friends relations no longer decay

Lungs of Steel – Will never run out of air while diving

Magic Hands – Instead of a wand, Sims will use their hands. Also, more success with spells

Maintenance Master – Plumbots no longer need maintenance

Map to the Stars – Shows the location of celebrities on the map

Master of Seduction – Romantic socials are never rejected

Meditative Trance Sleep – Energy raises 20% faster when sleeping

Mermadic Kelp – Temporarily turn into a mermaid while using

Mid – Life crisis – Can change your Traits

Mood Modifier – Can use on another Sim to change their motives

Motive mobile – Fills up your needs while driving!

Multi – Tasker – Become better at your job/homework

My Best Friend – Free SimBot with Best Friend relationship

Nerd Influence – Get some extra Nerd influence.

Never Dull – Sims always find your jokes funny and conversations interesting

Next Big Thing – Earn more money with your musicband

No Bills Ever – No more bills

No Jealousy – Other Sims won’t get jealous at you (for ex.when flirting)

Observant – Learn traits from other Sims faster

Office Hero – Better relations at work with colleagues

Opportunistic – Bigger rewards for opportunities

Perfect Host – More money and Lifetime happiness points for hosting someone through SimPort

Permanent Mermaid – Will no longer return to normal and no more salt water moodlets

Philosopher’s Stone – Turn any inventory item into a Gold ingot. There is a chance you lose the item or the Sim may even die using it

Portal Immunity – No more sickness when using the time portal

Prepared Traveler – Can take vacation 3 days longer

Professional Simoleon Booster – Higher salary

Professional Slacker – Picking ‘slacker’ options from joblist does not decrease jobperformance

Raised by Wolves – Social need rises faster when interacting with animals

Rebel Influence – Get some extra Rebel influence.

Simmunity – No longer get nauseous, sick and allergies

Speedy Cleaner – Clean up twice as fast

Steel Bladder – Never have to pee again

Stone Hearted – No mood loss when friends/family dies or break ups

Strong Stomach – No longer get seasick or nausea.

Suave Seller – More money for selling items at store

Super Green Thumb – Grow superiour vegetables

Super Nanny – Kids will be less likely to disobey and be easier to keep happy.

Teleportation pad – Can teleport to anywhere within the neighbourhood

That Was Deliberate – Crowd doesn’t mind your mistakes on stage

The Cloud – inator 9000 – An object which you can use to spawn a raincloud over another Sim

The Hustler – Win more often with bar games like darts and shuffleboard

Time Remote Control – Can choose between the 3 different futures

Trait Chip Bundle – Gives a few free chips

Uncharted Island Map – Reveals hidden islands

Vacationer – Can take vacationdays off without penalty

Water Hole Regular – Cheaper drinks and food in bars

Young Again Potion – Young adult to elder will return to the start of Young adult.

Cats and Dogs

Alpha pet – Better with hunting animals

Beloved animal – Social rises faster

Best behaviour – Pet will no longer destroy your furniture

Bottomless petbowl – Never have to refill the petbowl

Clone voucher – Get a clone of your pet

Fertility Treatment – More chance of twins and triplets

Midlife crisis – Can change traits

No nausea – Pet no longer get nauseous

Pet hygienator – No more fleas

Rejuvenation potion – Make your pet a few days younger

Steel bladder – No more peeing

Supercool pet bed – A cool new bed for pets

Supersmart pet – Faster skill learning

Vomit machine – Can vomit anywhere you like


Atomic grazer – Horse can graze on any type of flooring

Beloved animal – Social rises faster

Celestial saltblock – Raises Hunger and Thirst at the same time

Clone voucher – Get a clone of your horse

Desert pony – Thirst goes down slower

Fearless foals – Social won’t go down when left alone

Friend of the herd – More chance that wild horses visit your lot

Gardener’s dream – Manure from stables is very good for plants

Horses zen – Faster training

Lucky mount – Horse riders have more luck

Midlife crisis – Can change traits

Rejuvenation potion – Make your horse a few days younger

Selfcleaning stall – No longer need to clean the stables

Steel bladder – No more peeing

Supersmart pet – Faster skill learning


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