Emotional Aura: None

This is by far my favourite collectible in the game. To get started, you need to buy your Sim a computer – this is very important. After buying a computer, you need to head over to the socialize category and look for a Pen Pal in any city. After a couple of hours, you’ll know where your Pen Pal lives so you can it a letter.

After building up a strong relationship, you can ask your Pen Pal to send you a postcard of the city it lives in. There are a total fifteen postcards to complete this collection and they’re all provided below with their respective selling prices:

  • Riverview – 10
  • Littlehaven – 10
  • Lucky Palms – 10
  • Moonlight Falls – 25
  • Barnacle Bay – 25
  • Champs Les Sims – 25
  • Dragon Valley – 25
  • Sunset Valley – 40
  • Twinbrook – 40
  • Bridgeport – 40
  • Appaloosa Plains – 40
  • Lunar Lakes – 40
  • Midnight Hollow – 40
  • Isla Paradiso- 40


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