Painter, Master of the Real

Palette Cleaner

  • Reach Level 2 Painting Skill
  • Admire 3 Different Works of Art

Art Books Collector

  • Reach Level 3 Painting Skill
  • Successfully Research Art Reference Twice

Hungry Artist

  • Reach Level 4 Painting Skill
  • Create 3 Different Sized Paintings

Watercolor Dabbler

  • Reach Level 5 Painting Skill
  • Create 1 Outstanding Painting

Canvas Creator

  • Reach Level 6 Painting Skill
  • Sell 5 Paintings to Art Gallery

Imaginative Imagist

  • Reach Level 7 Painting Skill
  • Create 3 Different Sized High Quality Paintings

Artist en Residence

  • Reach Level 8 Painting Skill
  • Create 1 Masterpiece

Professional Painter

  • Reach Level 9 Painting Skill
  • Create an Outstanding Painting in every Genre

Illustrious Illustrator

  • Max Painting Skill to Level 10
  • Create and Sell 3 Masterpieces
  • Describe Aesthetics to a Group of Sims

Master of the Real


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