Lightning Legacy, Chapter 6

So Seera begins her generation by targeting her future spouse, Edgard Montarsse.

09-05-14_5-13 PM

Seera makes quick progress bringing both bars up to just a sliver from full.

09-05-14_6-56 PM

Hoping for an acceptance on the first try, Seera gets down on one knee.  And once again, the proposal is rejected.

09-05-14_6-57 PM

Seera is embarrassed and mortified.

09-05-14_6-58 PM

The Ultimate Mortification

09-05-14_7-03 PM-2

Wait, why isn’t she getting up now?

09-05-14_7-03 PM-3

Damn damn damn damn NO NO NO NO NO!!!  Grim comes in through the front door.

09-05-14_7-05 PM

Edgard quickly begs for Seera, pleading for Grim to spare her.

09-05-14_7-05 PM-2

And with this urn, this legacy has come to an early, abrupt end.

09-05-14_7-15 PM



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