Lightning Legacy, Chapter 5

With a full house, there weren’t many pictures and everyone was allowed to do their own thing, with the exception of the heiress, Seera.  Generation three heiress, Seera.

09-04-14_9-02 PM

Homework congregation

09-04-14_9-16 PM

Seera, is trying really hard to achieve her childhood aspiration.  She spends the weekend at the park trying to get in a playful mood.  Unfortunately a random adult man pisses her off.  Without the option to take an angry poop or cold shower, Seera plays on the playground waiting for the mood to pass.

09-04-14_10-25 PM

The kids become teens and continue on doing their own thing.


09-04-14_8-09 PM


09-04-14_10-59 PM


09-04-14_10-59 PM-2


09-05-14_9-46 AM

Pixie (and I forgot to get a birthday picture, so here is a picture of Theo giving Pixie the Woohoo Talk)

09-05-14_4-31 PM

And then they become young adults…


09-05-14_11-11 AM-2


09-05-14_1-55 PM-2


09-05-14_1-55 PM


09-05-14_3-00 PM


09-05-14_4-33 PM

Theo grows old, and “his life is coming to an end”. (It hasn’t yet, but any day now – a honest to goodness natural old age death).

09-05-14_12-13 PM-2

When the twins become teens, I once again missed the birthday.  They are the twin lumps under the covers crying.

09-04-14_11-01 PM

Rick and Charlie working out with Theo

09-05-14_8-20 AM

Rick sets the kitchen on fire.

09-05-14_8-27 AM

Sad panda, because have you ever known a happy panda?  It is an emotional hat, which he got rid of immediately after this picture.

09-05-14_9-47 AM

My very own trash plant.

09-05-14_10-45 AM

Fishing (click on the sign to fish)

09-05-14_11-49 AM

Rosanna takes her turn aging to elder.

09-05-14_2-32 PM

Whenever Seera gets sad from school, she goes out and mourns Cricket’s grave.  Which just makes her sadder.

09-05-14_4-24 PM

Seera and Theo have what could possibly be there last hug as Theo’s life bar is full.

09-05-14_4-48 PM 09-05-14_4-48 PM-2

Time for Seera to take the reigns as heiress.  Generation 3 is officially on the clock.

09-05-14_5-04 PM


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