Gosh Golly!

It is time to begin the TS3 version of the Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge.

[gosh] interjection | (used as an exclamation or mild oath)

[gol-ee] interjection | (used as a mild exclamation expressing surprise, wonder, puzzlement, pleasure, or the like.)

Chapter Updates

The basic rules that matter: Completed

  1. Random roll on all traits **Completed**
  2. Heir polls for each generation **Completed**
    1. Generation 1
    2. Generation 2
  3. Service sims are not allowed **Completed**
  4. Army of flamingos must be present **Completed**
  5. Obtain at least one occult **Molly is a Fairy**

In addition to the basic rules, the family will be attempting to complete the following bonuses:

  1. Finishing and documenting the challenge **Completed**
  2. Base game challenge **Completed**
    • +3 Colorful sim **Completed**
    • +3 All lifetime wishes must be fulfilled **Completed**
    • +3 Gnome general for the flamingo army  **Completed**
  3. Into the Future expansion challenge **Was not completed**
    • +3 Visit all futures **Oskar completed**
    • +3 Master bot building and create a sentient plumbot **Oskar completed**
    • +3Obtainthreelegacystatuesforeachheir/ess
      • Oskar / Pioneer of Plumbotics **Oskar Completed**
      • Gen 2 / Renowned Philanthropist **Primrose Completed**
      • Gen 3 / Lustrous Entertainer **Was not completed**

The mini-challenges that will be attempted are:

  1. +10 Boolprop Naming Scheme **Completed**
    • Bill (Weasley ~ Harry Potter)
    • Oskar (Schindler ~ Schindler’s List)
    • Odo (Proudfoot ~ Lord of the Rings)
    • Leia (Organa – Star Wars)
    • Primrose (Everdeen ~ Hunger Games)
    • Rachel (Weisz ~ Mummy)
    • Olivia (Flaversham ~ Great Mouse Detective)
    • Pepper (Potts ~ Iron Man)
    • Natasha (Yar ~ Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  2. +10 Golden Trio **Completed**
  3. +10 Imaginary Friends **Completed**

And finally, the super mini-challenges attempted include:

  1. +15 Workaholics Anonymous **Completed**
  2. +15 Traveler Extraordinaire **Molly completed**
  3. +15 Monster Mash (maybe) **Was not completed**


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