France to Egypt to France

Jean Necteaux

  1. Nectar Research Assistance Needed
    • Report
  2. In the Back of the Cellar
    • Nectar Cellar
  3. A Cellar Full of Clues
    • Nectar Cellar
  4. A Quick Follow-Up
    • Discuss Riddle
  5. To Egypt!
    • Cerambryx Beetles
  6. The Black Market
    • Speak to local in Egypt
  7. The Sleazy Merchant
    • Relics
  8. A Little Too Sleazy
    • Buy a Relic
  9. To France!
    • Ruby of Sakhara
  10. Ruby-Colored Test Drive
    • Nectar Cellar
  11. The Way to Isael’s Tomb
    • Nectar Cellar
  12. If the Key Fits…
    • Nectar Cellar
  13. At Last, the Sapphire
    • Tomb of Isael
  14. Yes, But Does It Work?
    • Nectar Cellar
  15. Have You Seen This Necklace?
    • Convince
  16. Mmm, Nectar
    • Excellent Nectar
  17. Success is Sweet
    • Report
  18. Opening the Tomb ofNecteaux
    • Nectar Cellar
  19. Inside the Tomb ofNecteaux
    • Tomb of Jean Necteaux


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