Bordeaux, Generation 3.1

Fleurie, as the heiress of generation 3, makes the decision to not kick out her siblings.  Instead, they will continue to live with the family and build up the coffers.  Fleurie also decides to bring in the next generation, hoping for a girl first thing.  She reels in her target and is rewarded with a positive pregnancy test.

09-11-14_9-17 PM

Baby daddy, whatever his name is, which isn’t important as he won’t be seen again unless the baby is a boy.

09-11-14_9-24 PM

Working out, as astronaut requires some fitness skill.

09-11-14_9-53 PM

Baby time.  The moment of truth.

09-11-14_10-00 PM

And it is a girl, Marsala.

09-11-14_10-02 PM

Uncle checking on the baby.

09-14-14_2-08 PM

Mama feeding the baby.  Up to this point, no one would feed Marsala without direction.  After this, everyone would race for the crib to be the one to feed her.

09-14-14_2-11 PM

Frascati has to be despised and after succeeding with Bacchus, she needs some time with the social unicorn.  Brut makes sure she is okay.

09-14-14_2-22 PM

Once Frascati gets her promotion, she begins to mend fences with Bacchus.  It doesn’t go so well though.

09-14-14_2-29 PM

More baby feeding, undirected, so progress is being made.

09-14-14_2-31 PM

Moving from fitness to logic, Fleurie makes her siblings play with her.

09-14-14_2-56 PM

Marsala is now a child.

09-14-14_3-10 PM

And as a Whiz Kid, she is the next one tapped to play chess with Fleurie.

09-14-14_3-16 PM

With seven people in the house and only six beds, Marsala sleeps where she can.  Riesling should be dead but she isn’t leading to the shortage of beds.

09-14-14_5-40 PM

The family gets a new house and still they are short a bed since someone won’t die.  It figures, when I don’t want someone to die, they die.  When I want someone to die, they won’t.

09-14-14_5-40 PM-2


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Bordeaux, Generation 2.2

Welcome back.  We join Riesling as she takes her brood to the park.  From left to right we have Frascati, Riesling, Beaune, Bacchus, Brut, and Fleurie.  There is a wide variety of moods happening.

09-09-14_3-17 PM

Park spam

09-09-14_3-18 PM 09-09-14_3-22 PM 09-09-14_3-21 PM 09-09-14_3-20 PM-2 09-09-14_3-20 PM 09-09-14_3-19 PM-2 09-09-14_3-19 PM

Our first teen of the generation is Beaune.

09-09-14_4-49 PM

Beaune rolls Painting.  This is the Sad painting he paints because no one remembered his birthday.

09-09-14_4-53 PM

Fleurie makes some interesting faces.  This one is because she stinks, is exhausted and hungry, and needs to pee very badly.

09-09-14_4-57 PM

A very rare family meal.

09-09-14_5-11 PM

Another day of line dancing.

09-09-14_5-18 PM

Beaune is playing the sea monster while the younger kids play pirate.

09-09-14_6-07 PM 09-09-14_6-08 PM

I give up, the doll house will remain broken until this generation moves out.

09-09-14_6-21 PM 09-09-14_6-29 PM 09-09-14_6-29 PM-2

Playing Sims Forever.

09-09-14_6-46 PM

Fleurie’s reaction when the sims get romantic.

09-09-14_6-46 PM-2

Taking his frustration on the bear.

09-09-14_8-06 PM

Another shot of Fleurie, the last of the children.

09-09-14_8-28 PM

Fleurie and Frascati are finally teens.

09-09-14_9-33 PM

The boys as teens, Brut, Beaune, and Bacchus.

09-09-14_9-33 PM-2

The last shot of Riesling as an adult.

09-09-14_9-33 PM-3

And the first shot as en elder.

09-10-14_7-26 PM

By this generation all of the houses are empty and there are only a handful of sims remaining in the game. (This will need to be fixed or modded).  Going into the gallery and using the Households filter, sorted by Recent, the first group of male sims are downloaded into an empty house.  Fleurie heads over to meet them and choose her future baby daddy.  She is shooting for the redhead on the couch.

09-11-14_6-15 PM

Not many pictures this generation.  Running six sims is not as easy as it used to be.  Everyone is now a young adult and will remain in the house until the household funds are built up.  They will work strictly on career, not aspiration; they will also move out once Fleurie begins her attempt to bring in the next generation.  Starting off is Beaune (painter, master of the real) …

09-11-14_6-34 PM

Bacchus (entertainer, comedian) …

09-11-14_6-36 PM

Brut (astronaut, space ranger) …

09-11-14_6-35 PM-3

Fleurie (astronaut, interstellar smuggler, and heiress) …

09-11-14_6-35 PM-2

and Frascati (criminal, oracle).

09-11-14_6-35 PM

Riesling (stuck at level 8 in entertainer, musician)

09-11-14_6-36 PM-2

Two meals started and then stopped before completing.  Riesling is finishing them up as everyone has gone to school/work.  She was able to put both on the stove and finish each separately.

09-11-14_12-41 PM


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Bordeaux, Generation 2.1

Riesling joins the Entertainer career and adds guitar to her skills.

09-07-14_4-45 PM09-07-14_4-45 PM-2

Just a butt shot to see if it expands or not over the years.

09-07-14_5-45 PM

My very first old age death.  Rest in Peace Rose.

09-07-14_6-36 PM 09-07-14_6-36 PM-2

Socializing with Grim

09-07-14_6-41 PM

Woohoo was fruitful, Riesling is multiplying.

09-07-14_8-03 PM

Telling the baby daddy.

09-07-14_8-06 PM

Not sure if he is happy or not.

09-07-14_8-06 PM-2

Another butt shot.

09-07-14_8-54 PM

And she is pregnant, which means the pregnancy wasn’t obvious from behind.

09-07-14_8-54 PM-2

So into the matriarchy a boy is born.  Beaune (pronounced bone) is the wrong gender and won’t be an only child.

09-07-14_9-21 PM

Breastfeeding without the censor blur.  So cute!

09-07-14_9-23 PM 09-07-14_9-23 PM-2

Requisite crying baby picture

09-07-14_9-41 PM

Baby number two

09-07-14_9-49 PM

Breastfeeding while pregnant

09-07-14_10-12 PM

Beaune leaves the bassinet.

09-07-14_10-29 PM

And walks in on something he didn’t want to see.  This must mean the second pregnancy was also not a girl.

09-08-14_5-03 AM

Spending time with daddy.

09-08-14_5-17 AM

Pregnant (again) Riesling and baby Bacchus.

09-08-14_5-19 AM

Pregnant Riesling mentoring Beaune’s violin.

09-08-14_5-20 AM

Beaune (left) and Bacchus (right)

09-08-14_5-33 AM

Sharing the social bear.

09-08-14_5-39 AM

Napping at the table, still pregnant.

09-08-14_1-06 PM

Baby daddy and baby number three – Brut.  Not a girl.

09-08-14_1-09 PM

The three brothers playing with two cribs?

09-08-14_2-22 PM

The three brothers line dancing.

09-08-14_2-23 PM

Daddy spending time with his boys.

09-08-14_5-57 PM


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Bordeaux, Generation 1

With the crashing and burning of the generation 3 heiress in the Lightning Legacy, it is time to start over.  A lot was learned during that first attempt.  This attempt will be a matriarchy, heiresses only and no spouses.  With that, we meet our new founder, Rose Bordeaux.  Rose is Good, Cheerful (family trait), and Loves Outdoors.  She is a Nature sim and will begin with Angling Ace, which adds Collector to her traits.

09-05-14_10-02 PM

As required, she moves into the recently bulldozed 50×50 lot in Willow Creek “Oakenstead”.  She takes a job in Culinary and begins working on her career and aspiration.

09-05-14_10-08 PM

Her required suit of armor.

09-06-14_10-13 AM

She spends her days fishing.

09-06-14_8-54 AM 09-06-14_8-54 AM-2 09-06-14_8-58 AM

She attempts to cook on the grill, but that doesn’t go so well.

09-06-14_9-16 AM 09-06-14_9-16 AM-2 09-06-14_9-19 AM

No idea what they were talking about here.

09-06-14_9-27 AM

Breakfast in bed.?.?  Interestingly enough, she is drinking orange juice and eating eggs and bacon.  Two actions.

09-06-14_10-02 AM

As she won’t be moving in a spouse, she gambles that she will have a girl on the first baby and delays getting pregnant until right before her Adult birthday.

09-06-14_2-27 PM

Baby daddy is Alonso Bowden.  Alonso is married with a daughter, but that doesn’t bother Rose.  She only needs his participation for a short time.  He shows up daily though to see Rose.

09-06-14_12-24 PM

He was a full life stage older than Rose.

09-06-14_2-12 PM

Weight comes very easily to Rose.  Once the baby is born it is time for Rose to become an Adult.

09-06-14_2-37 PM

She then heads down to the gym but just seems to get larger and larger.

09-06-14_2-45 PM

She decides to spend some point on the Insta-Lean potion, and miracles do happen, as it actually works.

09-06-14_3-50 PM09-06-14_3-50 PM-2

Baby Riesling

09-06-14_2-53 PM

Riesling rolls Social Butterfly.  While Rose is off fishing, Riesling holds court in the library, meeting sims and making friends.

09-06-14_4-28 PM

Queen Riesling

09-06-14_4-31 PM

With low social needs, Riesling joins Rose for some afternoon fishing.

09-06-14_4-39 PM09-06-14_4-39 PM-2

Homework can be done anywhere.

09-06-14_6-13 PM

A best friend is needed and DeShaun Stein was loitering nearby.  They quickly become best friends.     09-06-14_6-36 PM

Socializing during meals when there isn’t a dining table to be found.

09-06-14_6-47 PM 09-06-14_7-53 PM

And it is time for Riesling to become a teen.  She was not able to complete her childhood aspiration of Social Butterfly.

09-06-14_9-05 PM-2

She rolls Creative to add to the family trait of Cheerful.  For her aspiration she rolls Musical Genius and picks up Muser.  As money is still tight, she gets the cheapest instrument, which happens to the be the violin.

09-06-14_9-38 PM

Around this point, Rose becomes an elder.

09-07-14_10-51 AM

New lighting mod.

09-07-14_11-00 AM

Rose has completed both the Angling Ace and the Curator aspirations.  She picks up the third Nature option of Freelance Botanist.

09-07-14_11-25 AM

This is Riesling’s happy, made an A in school for the first time ever, face.  She really needs to work on that.

09-07-14_11-52 AM

This is her Sad dance,

09-07-14_12-02 PM

And this is her Happy dance.

09-07-14_12-03 PM

Finally DeShaun is a teen and Riesling invites him over.  She needs to serenade someone while flirty so it is time for a boyfriend.

09-07-14_12-24 PM 09-07-14_12-25 PM 09-07-14_12-26 PM

And teens can now mess around, although pregnancy is still not an option in game.

09-07-14_12-28 PM

What has been seen, cannot be unseen.

09-07-14_12-28 PM-2

With Rose’s final promotion to reach the top of her career, she has enough funds to finish the house.  The outside looks like crap so here is the inside.  These are all premade rooms.

09-07-14_1-51 PM

It is time for Riesling to become a young adult.  Rose bakes her a special cake, Rose’s Signature Cake.
09-07-14_2-37 PM

Blowing out the candles and closing out this chapter.

09-07-14_2-38 PM


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Succession Law

Gender Law:  Matriarchy: The Founder must be female. Only girls are eligible to be named heir unless there are no female children, at which point boys become eligible for that generation.

Bloodline Law: Traditional: Children who are naturally born from the previous generation are eligible to be named heir. Adopted children are ineligible to be named heir unless there are no naturally born children, at which point they become eligible for that generation.

Heir Law:  First Born: The oldest, by order of joining the family, eligible living child is named heir.


Surviving to the 10th generation is good, but the challenge is more than just keeping a family line alive. You must both survive and thrive! That is where scoring comes in. There is a maximum of 100 points to be earned. There are 10 categories, each with 10 points available in each. There is also a ‘penalty’ category which can deduct up to a maximum of 10 points. The ten normal categories are all themed after the 10 aspirations. A Sim must be living in the Legacy Family home in order to earn points, but their actual aspiration doesn’t have anything to do with the categories they can earn points for.


The Family point category is the most simple of all. You gain 1 point per generation to have an eligible heir reach young adulthood. Your founder is the first generation, so you start the challenge off with 1 point in this category automatically. Since the challenge ends with the birth of the 10th generation heir, the 10th point in Family is obtained by having and/or adopting 10 children in a single generation.


Documenting and honoring one’s fallen ancestors is paramount to keeping the family Legacy strong. While family members live and die, they die happy knowing that they will not be forgotten.

If you are able to memorialize every member of a generation before their deaths, you earn a point. This includes the heir, their spouse, and any spares that were born or adopted in that generation.

“Memorialize” can be one of the following: Compose a song for that person, create and refine a stand-up comedy routine to perfect quality in their honor, write (but don’t publish) a book for the person, or paint and display a portrait of that person (Not presently in the game, but may be modded in later). A Sim cannot memorialize themselves, but they may memorialize anyone else, even if they are from a different generation. A Sim that moves off the lot must still be memorialized before they depart to earn that generation’s point. This can earn you at most 9 points, (since the 10th generation ends the challenge the moment they come into being)

The 10th point is earned by having a single Sim complete two out of the three creative aspirations in their lifetime.


While the founder starts off on an empty grass lot with pocket change to their name, a Legacy Family is expected to grow in wealth as more and more Sims succeed in life and bring in riches for the family to share and pass along to future generations.

You earn your fortune points by meeting household worth thresholds. Keep in mind that it MUST be household worth. Cash in the bank does NOT count. Of course, the higher your net worth the higher your bills, so reaching higher and higher in this category will make your bills harsher and harsher., and as you can see, the wealth needed to reach each point gets higher and higher. It is truly a mountain to climb.

(How many points you get for how much household wealth is still being balanced. But higher is better and the challenge will be updated in the future with exact point values and wealth thresholds)


While the Legacy Family is the star of the show, one cannot deny the unique outsider perspective that the spouses bring in. A family with a deep and diverse array of lovers helps the Legacy Family grow both literally and in wisdom.

For every 3 unique traits represented by spouses of your family, you gain 1 point. This equates to a maximum of 9 points if every spouse has 3 traits that no other spouse has had. Keep in mind that this represents a total of 27 unique traits, and there are 35 in total, so you’ll never get all 35. Techniques that let you screen prospective mates for their traits are all allowed, but remember you may only marry randomly generated townies and not player-created Sims., and may only have one spouse per generation.

The 10th point may be earned by having a Sim complete both love aspirations in one lifetime.


Being skilled is one thing, but being a master at something is completely different. To demonstrate their mastery of many subjects, a Legacy Family must devote themselves to a life of study and practice if they ever want to be known for their skills.

You gain points according to the total number of skills that reach level 10. This is among all family members across the legacy who are living on the home lot, so spares and spouses can contribute just as much as heirs can. As you can see, the chart only goes up to 9 points. The 10th point is obtained by having every single skill reach level 10 by somebody in the family.

(The actual chart with the point totals for this category is still under testing. Needless to say, just try for as many level 10 skills as you can to gain points in this category)


It is the goal of every athlete to push themselves. To hunker down and through the pain and sweat and push themselves the extra mile in order to achieve greatness. This category is about pushing your Sims to greatness through the fulfillment of their aspirations.

You earn points according to this chart, with every fully completed aspiration by a family member counting towards the totals. This also includes completed childhood aspirations. A Sim may contribute any number of points individually, as many aspirations as they can complete in their lifetime. No partial points for partially completed aspirations. You’ll notice the chart only goes up to 9 points. The 10th point is earned when you have completed all four childhood aspirations and every single adult aspiration at least once by a member of the Legacy Family (Does NOT need to be all within the same generation)

(Again, more testing needed to determine exact point totals, but just aim to complete LOTS of aspirations to gain points in this category)


All nature Sims love their collections, but a Legacy Family gets REALLY into collecting, and more than just rocks and frogs and such. Complete these 10 collections and be the envy of all collectors out there. You earn one point for each collection you complete. No partial points are given for partial collections.

  1. Have somebody die on the family lot in one of each of the X different ways to die. The dying Sim does NOT have to be part of the Legacy Family. (The total number of death types will be released once I discover what they all are.)

  2. Collect all X career reward objects. During your challenge, you must unlock and collect every single possible career reward object from every single career. To call this collection complete, every object must be in your family’s inventory. (You are free to purchase additional copies of unlocked objects for functional use in the house) (The total number of available career rewards will be added once I discover what they all are.)

  3. Complete all 27 aspirations at least once during your entire Legacy Challenge. A single Sim completing more than one unique aspiration during their lifetime may have each aspiration count toward this goal. Only fully completed aspirations count.

  4. Collect and store in your family inventory every single consumable aspiration reward.

  5. The rest of the points are earned by collecting and displaying the other in-game collections

(More detals for the rest of the nature points will come in a future update)


The food category is a buffet of tasks for your sims to perform. Some easy, some difficult, but all related to food.

 Earn one point for completing each of the following:

1.       Purchase the most expensive fridge and stove and upgrade both of them.

2.       Have a Sim make a highest quality version of the most difficult to make dish

3.       Have a Sim max the cooking, gourmet cooking, and mixology skills

4.       Have a single Sim complete both food aspirations in one lifetime

5.       Have a sim get fat from your family’s cooking.

6.       Have at least six Sims (family members or guests) all sitting at the same table and eating at the same time.

7.       Reach the top of both food career branches

8.       Cook a meal with at least two fresh ingredients that are of the highest quality

9.       Have a Sim make their date a max quality meal or mix them a max quality drink during a single date.

10.   Serve a max-quality party-sized meal and mix a max-quality drink and serve both during a single party (the food and drinks can be made by different Sims)


The only thing more legendary than a well-developed Legacy Family house is a Legacy Family house party! Making your home party central for the region will have everyone wanting to make friends with the family in hopes of securing an invite.

You gain points in this category based on the metals you earn from parties and dates.

A gold Medal is worth three medals, silver worth two, and bronze worth one.

You may also earn one popularity point by having a single Sim getting a gold medal in each of the 4 types of parties AND a gold medal on a date.

(The total number of medals you need to get each popularity point is still in testing, but getting lots of medals will earn you points here)


Many think of evil and mischief when they hear the word ‘deviance’ but in reality they are merely a Sim expressing their impulsive desires in a form that is harmful to others. Not all impulsive desires are harmful, but giving into them is the name of the game here. Now, condensing all their hard work into an elixir that they will never benefit from? Yeah that’s deviant.

You gain points based on the total number of potions of youth that are stored in your family inventory. Any family member may have their aspiration points used to purchase a potion of life which can then be added to the family inventory. Keep in mind that your score is based on the CURRENT number of potions of life in storage, and if you remove any, your points may go down. You are still allowed to use aspiration points to purchase other potions and perks, but keep in mind that every aspiration point spent on perks and other benefits are aspirations points that can’t be used to buy potions of life You must decide when it is more important to go for perks or potions of life. A potion of life costs 1,500 aspiration points.

(How many Potions you need to collect to earn each point in Deviance is still being tested. Needless to say, the more the better)


Nobody likes to think about the bad things in life. While your Sims are certainly expected to have their ups and downs, there are some downs that are especially low and reflect very poorly on a Legacy Family if they ever happen. This is a point category like all the others, except all points here are negative and subtract from your total score and your goal is to obtain 0 points here.

-1 point every time the power is shut off due to unpaid bills.

-1 point every time the plumbing is shut off due to unpaid bills.

-1 point per child/infant taken away from the family by social services.

-1 point per spouse beyond the 10th moved into the house.


If you’re interested in writing and/or reading sims stories, participating in fun competitions and events, joining a friendly and welcoming community, completing legacies and challenge and earning medals, or just having a great place to discuss Sims 2, Sims 3, or Sims 4, then there is a place for you at the

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