NPC Characters

Halfblood | Irish

Bridget Kelly
15 years old
5th year

Rory Kelly
13 years old
3rd year

Ryan Kelly
13 years old
3rd year

Muggleborn | Irish

Rose Walsh Kelly
36 years old
former Ravenclaw

Patrick Kelly
36 years old
former Hufflepuff


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Catriona Kelly

Model: Lily Cole

First Name: Catriona
Nickname: Cat
Last Name: Kelly
Blood Status: Half-blood
Nationality: Irish
Spoken Languages: English
Place of Birth: Dublin, Ireland
Current Residence: County Kildare, Ireland
Age/Date of Birth: 16 / August 21
Zodiac: Leo
Approved Special Features: None

Eyes: Cat’s eyes are pale and vivid with a mix of blue and white rays in the iris and a dark-blue rim around the iris.  They are large eyes, set wide in her face giving her the look of a porcelain doll.
Hair: The color of her hair ranges from a pale copper during the summer months to a brighter copper during the winter months.  She prefers to leave it long and layered, falling to just above her shoulder blades.  It is thick and naturally wavy and almost always pulled back with a headband or pulled up into a ponytail.
Height: She stands barely 5 feet tall.
General Appearance: Cat has the typical redhead complexion, pale and easily burned.  Her mouth is small and her face the shape of a puffy heart.  Cat is thin and dainty looking although looks can be deceiving.  She swims and rides horses and these activities have given her a physical upper body strength that is not immediately apparent.  She doesn’t wear a lot of makeup but has to spend a little extra time on her hair in order to control the frizz and volume.
Dressing Style: Cat has lived in the country for most of her life and as such tends to wear jeans and ankle boots during the winter and shorts and flats during the summer.   She prefers casual clothing but isn’t adverse to getting dressed up for special events every once and a while. 

General Character Traits: If Cat wore glasses they would be rose-colored.  She has a sense of wonder about the world and believes that anything is possible with a little knowledge, a lot of work, and the belief that it can be done.  She loves to read and learn about new things, keeping up the daily and weekly journals for both the magical and the non-magical world.  She can be counted on to have a random piece of information to share.   The temper of the red head expresses itself in many ways for Cat.  She is both fiery and passionate about her beliefs.  She tends to react emotionally when she feels threatened or feels that someone she loves is being threatened and she is extremely protective of those she loves.
Horses: Horses have been a part of Cat’s life since she was born.  She finds them strong and reliable and calm and comforting.  She can’t imagine living in a world without horses and finds this to be the hardest part about being at Hogwarts.
Reading: Cat’s mom taught her to love reading by reading to her from the time she was born.  She would read a chapter to Cat every day and when Cat began to learn to read, she would let Cat read to her.  This was their special time together and Cat still treasures the magical journeys they enjoyed through space and time.
Cinnamon: When it comes to flavors and smells, Cat loves cinnamon and finds it vitalizes her mood and her emotions.  When she tastes something cinnamon flavored, like Pepper Imps, she feels happy and light and carefree.  When she smells something cinnamon such as a candle or a cake, she feels loved.
Cooking: Her love of cooking is not a surprise given her aptitude for potion making and herbology.  She enjoys helping her mother in the kitchen, cooking without magic, and marvels at the way food changes with different preparations.
Flying, Heights, and Falling: When Cat was younger, before she began attending Hogwarts or even knew she was magical, she climbed up upon the roof of the house to see how far she could see.  She was quite impressed with the view and forgot where she was standing.  When she took a step backwards, well, backwards was the wrong direction.  She tumbled down the roof, over the edge, and landed in the garden.  Her fall was broken by a shrub, so she was told at the time.  She was not injured, just a scratch or two which quickly healed.  However, Cat was thereafter reluctant to leave the ground without a firm hold on something solid and immovable.
Dogs: Cat loves her horses, and she loves her cats.  She tolerates the owls belonging to her siblings.  But she has never been able to appreciate the dog.  She doesn’t like to pet them, hates when they slobber or drool on her, and gets extremely irritated when they jump on her.  She can’t understand why they don’t show more restraint and goes out of her way to avoid them.
Quidditch: Quidditch would probably be an okay game to tolerate if only they weren’t flying around on brooms.  When Cat attempts to watch a match, she can’t get rid of the image of the players falling from their brooms and becomes agitated.  She has solved this problem by not watching the games, not talking about the game, and pretending it doesn’t exist.
Habits/Mannerisms: Cat tends to fidget when she is expected to sit still unless she is reading or her mind is otherwise occupied.  She also bites her nails to the quick when nervous, upset, or bored.
Strengths: As she has spent a lot of time around horses, Cat has learned to read their body language.  She is observant, intuitive, and perceptive with humans also, quickly picking up on their emotional state.  She learns quickly, enjoying both written and practical lessons.  She is honest, sometimes to a fault, but she doesn’t play games and it can be said that a person will always know where they stand.
Weaknesses: There is a lot to be said for the temper of a red-head, and while Cat has been known to lose her cool, overall it takes an effort to get her riled up.  When she does get irritated, her eyes narrow and darken in intensity and her small mouth gets even smaller, and if it is possible, her hair gets redder.  There is never a doubt when her ire has been raised as she is not one to hold back.  When Cat feels pushed in a direction she doesn’t want to go, she will dig her heels in, figuratively and in some cases literally.  She can be stubborn and difficult to reason with when this happens.

Mother: Rose Walsh Kelly
Blood Status: Muggle-born
Age: 36
Former House: Ravenclaw
Occupation: Teacher
Father: Patrick “Pat” Kelly
Blood Status: Muggle-born
Age: 36
Former House: Hufflepuff
Occupation: Farmer/Rancher
Bridget “Biddy” Kelly
Age: 15
Year/House: 5th year, Hufflepuff
Rory and Ryan Kelly
Age: 13
Year/House: 3rd year, Gryffindor
Background Story:
Rose Walsh and her twin Lily were born to a middle class family living in Dublin.  The girls were identical in every way, except one.  Rose was born with magical abilities while Lily was not.  Until the year the girls turned 11 they were inseparable.  The day that the representative from the Ministry of Magic showed up changed everything.  The girls were faced with the possibility of separation not just as they go about their daily lives, but for days, weeks, and months at a time.  The decision for Rose was difficult and it took until the deadline for her decision to be made.
Patrick, or Patty as his mom liked to call him, was born into ranching family in County Cork, and still works the family farm today.  His brothers have left for the big city, one moving to London and the other to Dublin.  Patty never believed in magic and was greatly surprised to learn he had been born with magical abilities.  What didn’t surprise him was his aptitude in caring for magical creatures.  He quickly excelled in this class, eventually earning both an Outstanding OWL and an Outstanding NEWT.
Patty and Rose met on the train to Hogwarts, both lonely and lost.  They bonded during those hours on the train and gravitated to each other when they were loading up on the boats for the trip across the lake.  They were disappointed with the Sorting Hat placed them in separate houses, Patty to Hufflepuff and Rose to Ravenclaw.  They remained friends over the years and when they were old enough to visit Hogsmeade they found themselves spending all of their free time together.  By the time of the seventh and final year, they were planning to get married and return to Ireland.  Neither felt a strong pull from the magical world and both longed to return to a normal, non-magical lifestyle.  After their seventh year, Patty and Rose returned to the Kelly family farm where they married and began growing their family.
Birth and Childhood
Catriona was born the year after their wedding, followed a year later by a sister, Biddy, and then twin brothers, Ryan and Rory, two years later.  With four children under the age of 5 years, Rose found her house, and her hands full.  As the oldest, Cat was called upon to help where she could.  She found escape from her siblings by joining her father in the fields.  She learned to ride horses early giving her an excellent way to get out of the house and have some time alone.  Rose and Pat didn’t tell the kids about their magical heritage until Cat accidentally set a bail of hay on fire.  They decided it was time to have their first serious discussion and sat down all four children.  The boys were excited and wanted to see if they could set something on fire, while Biddy was more interested using magic to clean her room.  It took Rose and Pat several hours to convince the children that they mustn’t use magic until after they started at Hogwarts.  While her parents were distracted with the younger children, Cat sneaked out of the house and went down to the paddock to see her horse.  She understood that she would be leaving the farm to live at this special magical school and that she would be leaving her best friend behind.  There was little consolation in the knowledge that she would be able to take cat or owl.  There was no way she was going to take a toad though.  After thinking about it, though not for a long time, Cat decided, amusingly, to take a cat.  As they had a recent litter she made a point to spend time with them all, getting to know each kitten and developing a relationship with them.  Not long before it was time to leave for Hogwarts, she made her final choice.
Year One
Goblet of Fire
Cat’s first year at Hogwarts was exciting and then horrifying.  The year started off with ride on the Hogwarts Express, then a boat across the lake, and finally the Sorting itself.  Cat had not decided which house she hoped to join, so when she was placed in Ravenclaw, she was satisfied.  After all, that is the house of her mother.  Then there was the announcement of the Tri-Wizard Tournament.  What a wonderful year to come to Hogwarts.  She wasn’t old enough to participate, and wouldn’t have considered it even if she were eligible, but she was excited to see students from the Durmstrang Institute and Beauxbatons Academy of Magic.  Outside of the Tournament activity, Cat settled into her classes.  She discovered a natural talent for Potions and Herbology while the rest of the classes took a little more effort.  The one class she did badly in was Flying.  She had a panic attack the first time they were to leave the ground and never did manage to get more than a foot off the ground the remainder of the year, even with a calming draught.  The final event of the Tournament was scheduled for the end of school and Cat got caught up in the excitement along with the other students.  Unfortunately, one of the tournament champions was killed during the tournament, ending the tournament on a sad note.  Cat was really happy to head home after that.
Year Two
Order of the Phoenix
The second year went much like the first but without the Tournament.  Her younger sister, Biddy, received her letter and joined Cat at Hogwarts this year.  Biddy was placed in Hufflepuff and where Cat had so much trouble flying, Biddy was a natural.  She spent all of her spare time practicing with the intention of trying out for Quidditch when she was eligible.  Cat didn’t see much of Biddy as their interests didn’t coincide.  There were some changes with a new Defense against Dark Arts teacher, Professor Umbridge, who eventually takes over as Headmistress.  She was always dressed in pink but she didn’t seem like a happy person.  She started making rules, so many rules, for minor infraction that Cat was afraid to do much of anything.  During this year, Cat continued to improve in Potions and Herbology and began to lose interest in Astronomy and History of Magic.  Well, losing interest would lead a person to believe there was interest to start.  Cat never was interested in Astronomy or History and would have preferred to spend her time in double Potions and Herbology.  The school had really become an unpleasant place to be with Headmistress Umbridge in charge and Cat was relieved when the term ended and she and Biddy could head home.
Year Three
Half Blood Prince
When Cat and Biddy returned to Hogwarts, things had changed but weren’t really any better.  Headmistress Umbridge had left and Professor Snape was now teaching Defense against the Dark Arts.  This meant Cat had a new Potions teacher, Professor Slughorn.  The school year proceeded about the same as the previous years, Cat did her best to stay out of sight and out of trouble.  She continued to improve in Potions under the new professor and enjoyed taking Care of Magical Creatures.  It reminded her of home, without the magical creatures, of course.  At the end of the term, tragedy struck again, this time with the death of Headmaster Dumbledore.  The term ended once again on a sad and scary note.
Year Four
Deathly Hallows
Cat’s fourth year at Hogwarts brought around many changes.  It was the first year for Cat’s brothers, Rory and Ryan.  They were sorted into Gryffindor giving the family members in every house except for Slytherin.  The students went about their business this year trying to stay out of trouble and wondering about the changes happening within the magical community.  Professor Snape was now the headmaster and the atmosphere is somber.  Prior to the Battle of Hogwarts, Cat was seriously considering leaving the magical world and not returning to Hogwarts.  Instead of enjoying her abilities, she was spending her time fearful and worried about what might happen next.  With the Battle of Hogwarts, things changed once again.  While there were many deaths and the loss of good people, most of whom Cat only knew by name or reputation, there was a feeling of relief that washed over the school and life began to brighten.  Maybe, just maybe, Cat would give it one more year.
Year Five
Returning to the school after the Battle of Hogwarts was hard.  Cat and her siblings rode together on the train for the first time and stayed together for the entire trip to the castle.  She was surprised at how much had been rebuilt over the summer and happy to hear Professor McGonagall was the new headmistress.  Everything was still subdued as the students dealt with the changes but overall the year was quiet and Cat was able to focus on preparing for her OWLs.  Cat finished the year passing most of the OWLs she attempted achieving an Outstanding in Potions and Herbology, Exceeds Expectations in the Care of Magical Creatures and Charms, and Acceptable in Arithmancy and Study of Ancient Runes.  Cat had hoped to become a healer but without Defense against the Dark Arts and Transfiguration OWLs she would need to choose a different career.
Year Six
With a quiet year behind her, Cat heads into her sixth year excited about the possibilities.  They no longer have the threat of the Dark Lord hanging over their heads and have settled down into house rivalries and class studies and friends and romance.  Cat begins the year taking Potions and Herbology along with Charms and Care of Magical Creatures, excited to finally drop History and Astronomy.

Strong Area of Magic: Potions and Herbology (OWL, Outstanding); Charms and Care of the Magical Creatures (OWL, Exceeds Expectations)
Weak Area of Magic: Transfiguration and Defense of the Dark Arts (OWL, Poor); Flying
Preferred House Choice: Ravenclaw
Responsibility or Guidance?: Responsibility
Forgiveness or Justice?: Forgiveness
Adventure or Security?: Security
What does “Never tickle a sleeping dragon” mean to your character? For Cat, she believes that this means to avoid stirring up trouble, not to deliberately say or do something meant to provoke another.  

Pets: Orange tabby cat
Wand: Fir with unicorn hair core, Ten inches, Hard
Quidditch position: Doesn’t play, doesn’t watch
Anything else? Cat refuses to fly due to an extreme fear of heights, or rather an extreme fear of falling, resulting from mishap involving a fall from the roof of her home and a bad landing in the garden.
Are You A Native English Speaker?: Yes

Cat found an empty seat on the train and settled in for the trip back to Hogwarts.  She should find her friends but for now she wanted to sit and just enjoy the activity around her.  Her first four years at Hogwarts had gone from bad to worse to dangerous.  Just when it seemed it couldn’t get any worse, it did.  And then, the tide turned and evil was defeated.  The Battle of Hogwarts was a release, a purging of the dark cloud that had settled over Cat.  Many were lost during the Battle.  Some were friends, although Cat was fortunate that her circle was mostly spared.  Some were nodding acquaintances, some were just names whispered in the night.  But still, the loss was felt be everyone.  During the battle Cat had been evacuated with the other underage students.  She was spared the horror of seeing the devastation but not the horror of knowing the devastation took place.  When it was over, and everyone was safe, she broke down and cried.  She cried for all those lost over the past few years and she cried because now she knew there were monsters.

The following year, last year, had been a good one.  Cat had helped around the castle where needed and spent her time studying for her OWLs.  She developed a taste for social work and considered becoming a healer.  Well, she considered it until she looked at the requirements.  Transfiguration and Defense of the Dark Arts were required, along with Charms, Potions, and Herbology.  While she expected to do well on her OWLs for the last three classes, she knew there was no way she was going to get a high enough mark to continue studying the first two.  In retrospect, she decided this was okay as she really enjoyed the brewing and cooking that went into making an excellent potion.  The chemistry involved with potion making, as with cooking, intrigued her immensely.  During this year, she had made some new friends and discovered that boys were more than just a nuisance and, for the first time, was sorry to leave the school when it was time to return home for the summer.

Summer was good.  Cat spent time helping her dad with the studs, helping her mom with the cooking, and riding her horse.  Even with the hard work required on the farm, everything felt lighter and brighter and the future had so much potential.  She and Biddy spent time together for the first time in many years.  They were both growing up and the experiences left them both appreciative of family connections.  They still didn’t have anything in common but it was good to know the other was there.  As the summer came to an end, Cat had her sixteenth birthday and really began to feel more like an adult and less like a child.  Cat was ready to return to Hogwarts.


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