All About Me


I am a semi-retired mom of 2 grown kids, 3 cats, a dog, and a husband.

My daughter is a college senior working on a Bachelor’s degree in Asian Studies, focus East Asia, with a minor in Korean Language. She will be graduating in May 2013, if she can get the classes she needs.

My son is one semester from completing his Associate of Art with interest in Visual Arts.  What he is going to do after that he hasn’t decided yet.  He really enjoys drawing and plans on testing out Animation and Digital Art this fall.


Semi-retired is defined as quit working full-time in 2007 then returned to work part-time in 2011.  I spent 21 years working for a large grocery distribution company and decided it was time for a change.  After leaving there I worked with my dad for a few years before returning to my original employer part-time working on projects. I have worked in Accounting (Cost, Payables, and Receivables), Purchasing (Buyer, Merchandiser), Tax Accounting (Special Operations), and Government Affairs.  I currently split my time between Special Operations and Government Affairs.


I enjoy reading books and blogs, watching movies but TV not so much, spending time with my family, and playing Sims 3 and Lord of the Rings Online.  I play one when I want to be in control and the other when I want to be social.  When I don’t feel like getting that involved I like to visit Pogo or play Mahjong, WordSearch, and any of those little puzzle games like Sweet Tooth, and will often use those to de-stress.

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